Europe’s first rotating hotel is being built in Croatia.
Europe’s first rotating hotel is being built in Croatia. British architects attempt the impossible for the first time in the world: a hotel designed to revolve around, giving each guest a wonderful view.

110691_fm.jpgThe spectacle can not be boring, as it is constantly changing. The luxury hotel will be based in Spalato (Split) Croatia, close to Maslinica village on the island of Solta . The London-based, owing many architectural prizes Studio RHE said about the over one million pound project that the hotel building will take two and a half years, will have 50 rooms and will be opened in 2012. The building will slowly rotate around its central axis. A swimming pool is included too, the three-storey building turning around its axis 1.3 times a day, so that it will always show a different picture of the wonderful Adriatic sea.

Richard Hywel Evans, the architect who designed the hotel says, that the guests will not feel the building moving. - We believe that this very creative idea will attract many people. We are proud that we come up with this great construction - Ewans said. - When we were thinking about the hotel it occurred to our mind that all the guests should see this breathtaking view. Therefore, we thought we will revolve the hotel. The building will cost 70 million British pounds.